Forthcoming Events at St. Anne’s Churchxt Sunday - 2 February - Presentation of Jesus in the Temple -9.

This Week

Sun 16 - 9.30am - Holy Communion

Wed 19 – 9.45 am Coffee

             - 7.00 pm – Alpha Course

Sun 23 - 9.30am Morning Praise and Kidzone

Diary Dates for February

Mon 24 – 2.00 pm – Fellowship – ‘When I grow up’ by  Gordon Lewis (Careers Adviser)

Tues 25 11.30 - 13.30  - Coffee and Pancakes

Wed 26 – 9.45 am Coffee

             - 7.00 pm – Alpha Course


Wed 4 - 9.45am - Coffee

               7,00pm Alpha Course

Wed11 - 9.45am -  Coffee

               7,00pm - Alpha Course

 Lego Church

 2 Apr, ?7 May, 4 June, ?2 July.

We need cakes, bacon rolls and drinks, and people to man them and helpers to get the Lego out and put away afterwards. It is essential that we at St Anne's put our resources into this new venture, in order to keep young people connected and to encourage families to this new congregation.  Do pray for the start of this

St Anne’s Fellowship - Please note that Fellowship meetings will begin at 2.00 pm and not 7.30 pm, until December.

Church – but not as you know it!

Cafe Church is at 4.15 pm on the last Sunday of the month at ‘Thistledonicely’ Cafe, Water Lane Totton.  This informal style is particularly suitable to bring friends to who are not used to Church.  Families welcome