Meeting of Calmore and Eling Parochial Church Council

Pc.c meeting 29th May 2022

Members Presesnt

Tim, Phil ,Joy ,Maureen, Pam, Val ,Jennifer,  Janet and Rita.


Graham and Jan.

Minutes of the last meeting approved Tim proposed this, everyone agreed.


This is Grahams responsibility and he has the appropriate forms. He needs to put this into action asap. Columbus Cook is our usual Architect and he can do St Annes too.

Fabric Pat Test done at St Marys. St Annes need to check their electrical appliances. Treatment of Japanese Not Weed needs dealing with at St Annes.

Copyright licence-Phill has had a reminder and is dealing with it.

St Annes Fundraising committee minutes were proposed and Voted Jennifer and Val

Deanery Synod

Maureen has decided to take a back seat as deanery synod from now on. Joy volunteered. Tim proposed that Joy take over as rep and Janet Val and Pam 2nd.  Maureen will still attend meetings for a while. I think we should all thank Maureen for her efforts in this role.

Gift Aid Tim announced that Phil was taking over the Gift Aid as we currently didn’t have one. Tim Proposed and Maureen and Rita 2nd.

A.O.B.  Jeff Mairi enquired about spaces to store UKRAIN donations and it was suggested that St Marys Lady Church be a space that they could rent for a small donation. Jeff is checking what sort of donation they could do. It was put to the pcc and it received mixed opinions. Nothing has be confirmed yet. Review at the next meeting.

Flower ladies Requested a small donation towards the flowers and oasis that they give us for the church. As it comes out of their pocket and with things going up lately they are finding it costly. It was if we was given an invoice we could sort something but we do need an invoice first.

Donation Caroline Rackham donated  £350.00 to the Church

Date for next meeting  TBA original date not possible