Meeting of Calmore and Eling Parochial Church Council
13.30.p.m. 5th January 2022 at St Mary’s Church Eling

Chair: Tim Mole PCC Secretary : Graham Norman
Minutes Secretary: Jan Norman
1. Welcome and prayers (Tim)
2. Minutes of the meeting of 30th September 2021
3. Update on Services and Clergy availability at St Mary’s and St
Anne’s (Tim)
4. Church Administration 2022 (Graham)
5. Parish Finance Report (Treasurer/ Churchwardens)
a. Funding of churchyard maintenance at St Mary’s
6. Fundraising and Finance going forward – discussion paper (Graham)
7. PCC business for next meeting (all)
8. Any other business (see note below)
9. Date and venue for next meeting
10. Closing prayer (Tim)