“Our purpose as the Church here in Calmore is to gather together to worship God and grow in the faith: and to witness to the love of God to all.”

Our Parish Aims

  1. To make worship and participation in the life of St Anne’s open to all, regardless of disability, age, background or previous Church experience.
  2. To study our faith and grow in prayer.
  3. To proclaim God’s love for everyone through our presence and actions.
  4. To enthuse, support and encourage each other in this work.
  5. To share in this work with Totton Team and Churches Together in Totton and the Forest Edge.
  6. To bring together our personal and financial resources to enable these Aims to be put into practice.


St Anne's, together with St Mary's Eling, St Matthew's Netley Marsh and St Winfrid's Testwood form the team parish of Totton, with St Mary’s Copythorne completing the cluster.  The Totton Team Parish Council has delegated most of its powers to the individual Church Councils (DCC). We are in the Lyndhurst Deanery, in the Diocese of Winchester, part of the world wide Anglican Communion.  Please note that as a member of the Totton Team Ministry, St Anne’s is a charity exempted from registration with the Charity Commission. 


Members of the DCC are either ex-officio or elected by the Annual District Church Meeting (ADCM), ratified by the Annual Team Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) in accordance with the Church Representation Rules.  During the year the following served as members of the DCC:

The Revd. Sally Marchant

Bill Rogers(Church Warden)  Ann Quesnell (Church Warden)

Until 2020 (Deanery Synod Representative)

Bill Rogers

Until 2020 (Team Council Members)

Diane Gollin  Jane Senneck One Vacancy

Until 2018

Jenny Best Judith Stone Pam Hall

Until 2019

Garry Coy Liz Gilroy Pauline Rogers

Until 2020

Heather Baker Lynda Irons(Minute Secretary) Barry Read

Ex Officio  Sarah Read (Treasurer)

A resolution of the DCC passed by ADCM in 2000 states that Members of the DCC shall serve for a maximum of three years and then stand down for at least one year so that there will be a turnover of membership as well as ensuring continuity.


The only committee required by church law is the Standing Committee, the church officers and the Vicar, which has the power to transact the business of the DCC between its meetings, subject to any directions given by the Council. 


73 parishioners were registered on the Electoral Roll.  Our regular Sunday attendance averaged 6 communicants at 8.00am, and at the Main Morning Service an average of 4 children and 45  adults, of whom 99% took Communion.  These numbers increase at Festivals, Baptismal and other special Services.

Review of the Year


Our District Church Council (DCC) is responsible for St Anne's, and met 8 times in 2017 with an average attendance of 71%. The agenda items included finance, building/maintenance, fundraising, choir and music, Mission Action Plan, Services, safeguarding, new font and lectern, Rwanda Link, Team Council and Churches Together, Most of these are described elsewhere in this report. The minutes of DCC meetings are displayed on a notice board in the church.


2017 has been a year of ups and downs at St Anne’s and the Totton Schools!  Due to my illness earlier in the year and lengthy recovery, some events and services were put ‘on hold’.  Our pattern of Alternative Liturgy Services, and occasional Family Services, continues to bring variety to our 9.30am worship.  Our attendances continue at a constant level, with a slight growth in the last year.  We welcome up to 8 children each week, which is very positive.  We have had services led by Revd Chris Steed, our Team Rector, on a monthly basis and Antony Sturmey and the Team Curate, Revd Graeme Dixon, on occasions.   It was a great pleasure to prepare Ben and Jake Foster for confirmation; the service was led by Bishop Jonathan at Winchester Cathedral – a memorable event. It is wonderful to welcome them into full membership of the Body of Christ.  Our Alpha Course from 2016 has continued to meet and now is studying on the Pilgrim Course, having completed ‘Turning to Christ’, revisiting our baptismal vows. The current module is ‘The Lord’s Prayer’. The evening Pilgrim Group has been looking at ‘the Beatitudes’ and considering what the Kingdom of God looks like today.  They have started ‘The Creeds’, what Christians have believed in the past which still form part of our Church services today and have watched the film ‘The Shack’ at one of our meetings and taken part in ‘Grave Talk’.  Small groups are a time of great encouragement in growing our Christian faith and chatting over a meal, an ideal opportunity to get to know people better in a safe and loving environment as we travel on our Christian journey together. We plan to run an Alpha Course again as a Team initiative in 2018, and I would encourage everyone to come if you haven’t been on one and to pray for friends you could invite along.   The Totton Team Lent Group at The Vicarage, which started in 2014, has continued through the year every two months, encouraging us on in our personal commitment to Christ and helping us to express our Christian faith to others.  This has now been incorporated into the Spirituality Network of the Team Mission Action Plan and combined with Soul Space, is now entitled ‘Quiet Spaces’, and includes creativity and silence as we meditate on Scripture.  I am delighted that The Junior Choir Club, led by Sue Manning and Pat James, has continued with a faithful few and, as a result of an appeal at the Crib Service, has now increased in number.  They meet every Thursday during term time and sang at the Easter and Christmas Coffee Mornings.  It was lovely to welcome Noah to sing the first verse of ‘Once in Royal’ at the Carol Service.  Toddler Praise was ‘on hold’ this year, however with help from Graeme and Steph Dixon will start again after Easter 2018.  A great opportunity to engage with the younger members of our locality, particularly the Baptism families.  Youth Alpha is continuing, with three youngsters from across the Team.   We have completed the Youth Alpha programme and have met once a month for pizza and ice cream at the Vicarage.  This year we have been partaking in preparation for Confirmation and are now using some of the Diocesan Resources for Young people. We continue to welcome newly baptised babies and young children into the Church community monthly and we were delighted to have one Wedding during the year.  We had one funeral at St Anne’s this year but sadly several members of the congregation have passed away.  The fund-raising and social events took on a new outlook, the format and energy required to run the larger bazaars and fetes have been replaced by smaller initiatives and concerts.  Thanks go to the team for their organisation and publicity.  It is wonderful to see so many visitors at our events, which are ideal opportunities to invite friends and neighbours.   Our regular giving towards St Anne’s Church has fallen again this year, and inevitably the running costs have increased.  Please consider reviewing your donations and joining the Parish Giving Scheme if you have not done so already.  Without regular giving and gift aided donations, our efforts to continue to support the ministry at St Anne’s are severely restricted.  The hire of our buildings and sterling efforts at fund-raising have saved the day and we continue to be able to pay the required Parish Share to the Diocese.  Praise God!  However, next year will be another challenge with a steep rise in the Parish Share, please continue to pray.  The Lunch Club has continued, meeting once a month at a local pub/restaurant.  Our Bereavement Support group, a great opportunity to offer friendship in a small group to those who have lost a loved one recently or longer ago. continued until it was no longer deemed necessary – which is excellent!  We hope to run another group in 2018.   At DCC, and in the Team Parish, we have been continuing with our Mission Action Plan, looking at the needs of our area and as part of an ongoing vision, developing ‘networks’ of people with similar interests across Totton and Calmore.  The new Team website has been in operation and we are together further enhancing our communication.  Our St Anne’s facebook page continues to show the latest pictures and events taking place. Our relationship with Calmore Infants School continues to flourish, hosting services at Church and taking part in assemblies.  A number of volunteers help with reading – do please consider using your gifts in connecting with our local schools and organisations.  The girls’ uniformed organisations are closely linked to St Anne’s and we are encouraged to see them at our occasional family services.  As a result of the trip to Rwanda in 2016 and in particular the setting up of a link with the villages outside Kibuye, there has been progress both in formulating a plan of support and in enabling us to send £1,000 towards the purchase of land, building of Churches and settling up micro-businesses, including rearing of goats.  We were honoured to have a visit at St Anne’s by Bishop Augustin Ahima from Kivu Diocese on 3 September.  There is a jar is at the back of Church for donations towards this venture.  Again, we have supported the Basics Bank with gusto, both with monetary as well as food donations, which are greatly valued by those who need support in the local area.  The setting up of the Church on a Sunday, formerly the task of the Church Wardens, has now been delegated to a rota of volunteers.  This greatly helps to reduce the weekly workload of the Wardens.  Grateful thanks to all who contribute in any way to the running of St Anne’s, often behind the scenes, to keep our building safe, clean and welcoming.  Once again, may I stress that the Church is not the building but the people of God and that together we make up the Body of Christ at St Anne’s.  Everyone is important to the whole as God’s chosen people sharing his mission. I would encourage us all to be open with one another, making a point of getting to know anyone you do not know and being welcoming to visitors.  We are the hands, feet, ears, eyes and mouths of Jesus Christ in Calmore, we pray that our lives will reflect His likeness to those around us. I consider people to be more important than liturgy; please let me know if you would appreciate a visit or you know people who are ill.  If I am not aware, I will not be able to come and see you!  I am indebted again for the contribution and support given by Bill Rogers, and Ann Quesnell, St Anne’s Church Wardens, particularly as it has not been an easy year.  Wardens are vital to the running of any Church – it would be impossible to keep St Anne’s open for worship if we do not have Church Wardens in place.


Ann Quesnell

Our primary maintenance task this year has been the exterior redecoration, which was completed in the summer.  We have also installed our new font and lectern donated by Ros and Pat in memory of Jeff and John. These were designed and made by Ronald Emett.  Every five years we receive a Parochial Visitation.  This consists of a representative of the Archdeacon visiting the Church and checking through all of our records: the Church Log Book, Inventory and Terrier, Church Registers,  items of value and  safety procedures. I have undertaken a Health and Safety/Safeguarding Audit  and produced guidance notes together with guidelines for working alone in church. These are displayed on the notice board by the door.  The gutters, hoppers and gullies have been cleared on a regular basis.  I would like to thank members of the congregation for their continued support to the Wardens and especially mention Godfrey for all his work behind the scenes, the Stewards - Barbara and Ken, Ian and Janet, Judith and Pat, Mairi and Geoff, Kay and David, Michael and Hazel and, of course, Sally, our Vicar, and Bill, my fellow Warden, and to all those who have volunteered and supported St Anne’s through the year. 

WORSHIP Sally Marchant

Sunday worship is the heart of our church life together. During 2017, we held our 8.00 am Said Holy Communion weekly then, due to my illness, it was held once a month, on the first Sunday of the month.  Book of Common Prayer was used once a month and, when we met monthly, on alternate months. In January 2018 it was decided by the DCC regrettably to cancel this service due to dwindling attendance numbers.  We use Common Worship at most of our Communion services at 9.30am, the Alternative Style Liturgies continued with Iona, Taize, South Indian, and Rwandan flavours to our worship.  In September, we were delighted to welcome Bishop Augustin Ahima from Kivu Diocese to our Rwanda focus Sunday.  We had four services of Holy Communion by Extension taken by Antony Sturmey (Licensed Lay Reader) and Rev Graeme Dixon, the Team Curate. Our occasional Family Services have brought in Baptism families and the Guides, Brownies and Rainbows from lst and 2nd Calmore, especially on Thinking Day, at the Pet Service (held on the Church lawn) and Harvest.  After those services a shortened form of Holy Communion at 10.45am was offered. Kidszone (Sunday School children aged 3 to 10) meets in the Church Room during the main part of the service (except at an ‘Alternative Service’). Our children and their leaders leave during the first hymn, rejoining for Holy Communion.  During the year we were able to offer toddlers’ activities too, with very grateful thanks to those who volunteer to help, and the Toddler area in Church has proved a great success, particularly at Baptisms.  Other services were held including a Service of Reflection on Good Friday and an evening Songs of Praise for Harvest..   An Easter Day ‘Sonrise’ service was held at Netley Marsh showground.  In October we were able to dedicate our lovely new font and lectern – thanks to the legacies of Geoff Sealey and John Elcombe.  We again held an All Souls Service at 9.30am to remember loved ones and our Remembrance Service, welcoming Stuart Ayers with his trumpet.  We had 58 adults and 6 children at our service of Nine Lessons and Carols, 48 adults and 32 children for the Crib Service and our Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve amounted to 50 adults and 3 children – there were more visitors than regular congregation at our Christmas services! The Praise Service on Christmas Day welcomed a select 23!  We celebrated one Marriage and baptised 13 children and one adult during the year and we conducted one funeral service.   St Anne’s hosted the Team Service on the Sunday after Christmas and it was good to welcome our friends from the other Churches.  Calmore Infants’ School services were held at Easter, Year 2 Leavers’ Service, Advent and Christmas again - a wonderful opportunity to host our local community.  In January 2017, it was decided to cancel Toddler Praise temporarily, together with our Soul Space service once a month, which were becoming unviable.  A Church Team visited Colbury House residential home for the elderly each month to take a service of Hymns and Readings, however due to various logistical problems at the home and our volunteer numbers going down, this was cancelled in the summer until further notice.  Two members of the congregation take Communion to housebound parishioners.  There were home and hospital visits by many church members and grateful thanks go  to those who dedicate their time to visit the sick and housebound in the congregation during the week, in addition to the Vicar’s visits.  


KidsZone has continued to meet over the last year, having a break in August.  We have a small but dedicated number of children and leaders. Jenny and a helper (Anni when available or Pauline) and Wendy & Gordon lead two structured sessions a month with Pauline and a helper leading an informal, unstructured session with crèche once a month.  With Jane, Sarah and Diane’s help we have also over the last year been able to offer crèche facilities at the structured sessions with the younger ones very often joining in with the story/activity.  Children stay in church for any informal services but unfortunately there are many five week months, leaving an uncovered session!!!  A mat at the front of the church with toys/books etc on has been well used during the year.  Throughout the year we have, in the main, followed the themes contained in the resource magazine titled “Roots” which is based on the readings outlined in the Common Lectionary.  This allows the children to focus on the same readings the congregation hears during the service. St Anne’s KidsZone leaders are also actively involved in the Teams “Messy Church” which meet around six times a year at St. Winfrids.


Regrettably Toddler Praise had to be temporarily cancelled in 2017 in view of my illness and the fact that no one was willing to take on the leadership.  However we intend to resume after Easter 2018 with additional help from Graeme and Steph Dixon and have been publicising widely amongst baptism families, schools and other contacts. This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know others in the local community who have youngsters – anyone who is available to help with serving coffee or crafts would be most welcome to join us on Tuesday mornings once a month from 9.30am to 11am.  We have a simple Bible story, a prayer, songs related to the theme and a creative activity, as well as nursery rhymes and play time.


The choir has struggled this year as none of us are getting any younger. Various illnesses have meant that we have not had the singers to perform four part harmonies sufficient for public performance. Edna Martin has reluctantly withdrawn from the choir. Despite her eyesight Edna always attended when transport could be arranged as she really enjoyed singing with the choir.  At Easter we did not sing our usual service, re-telling the Passion story, but sang some appropriate choir pieces as anthems during the normal Communion Services.  The choir did manage to sing at our Annual Carol service which went well with Noah from the Junior Choir singing the first verse of the service.  Sue Manning continues as our organist and seems to be happy working with us showing a great deal of patience and skill in supporting the choir as new pieces are learnt. Her work load continues to be heavy as our Junior Choir continues.  Anyone who can sing a tune, enjoys singing and likes a challenge is welcome to join us and should approach me or a member of the choir to express their interest. Reading music is not a requirement but does help.


Throughout this year we have held choir club practices on Thursdays at 6pm in the church. We are small in number with 6 loyal members and we have sung a variety of songs including songs for the pet service and songs for coffee mornings at the church. We also learn the handbells. Our repertoire is very varied- from church hymns to songs from the musicals. One of our choir members Noah sung the first verse of Once in Royal David’s City beautifully at the evening Carol service this year. We have 4 new members starting when we go back in January and plan to do a leaflet drop around the area in the hope that we can attract more members.


We have had another year with a variety of speakers and subjects.  Very interesting and informative were the ones about the Minstead Trust, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance, and rescuing hedgehogs, which were all charities.  We had a humorous evening with the ex-Beefeater telling us the stories of the Ladies of the Tower of London.  In July we had a demonstration and tasting by Wiltshire Farm Foods, and in August we met in the Palm Room for an afternoon of curling, which was great fun.  Our social events in June and December were a great success too.  We always welcome new members and visitors, so do look at our programme and come along to any that might interest you.  Thanks as usual to Ken, our Chairman, Mairi, our Treasurer, Barbara for our monthly prayers, and Pat James, Polly and Janet, the other members of the Committee, not forgetting Godfrey for all his help as well.


This is a friendly group which meets together for coffee and a chat, at 10 o’clock on a Wednesday morning.   During the year we have had two boat trips, a mini-bus outing, and ended the year with a Christmas lunch at Woodlands House Hotel.  A small monthly bring and buy has raised money for the Wessex Heartbeat Society and donations towards the food bank.  We also filled five shoe boxes at Christmas.  If you are lonely or on your own, you will be welcome to just drop in for coffee and company.

NEWS FROM ST ANNE’S Stewart Marchant

Circulation of our newsletter has increased during the last year.  We are sending it out to 87 recipients by email, and printing 76 hard copies for distribution to named individuals.  I also print a few spares each month so that the newsletter is available for visitors to take away.  There is generally a good supply of copy each month, and in some months it is difficult to fit all the news in within the 4 x A4 page format that I aim for.  Distribution of hard copies does still cause a few difficulties.  It is necessary for someone – usually me – to hand out copies to people attending church as people seem reluctant to help themselves and to tick their names on the delivery list.  A few people do take copies for neighbours.  I still deliver a small number by hand.  I did run into some difficulty in December when my A3 printer failed and repair proved to be uneconomic.  I have now replaced the printer and I can now print the hard copies in the A3 format once more.

DEEPENING OUR FAITH                                                                                                   

The Wider Church


Unfortunately, we have had to end our visits to Colbury House, for the time being anyway.  There are a number of reasons, the main one being that there is now no musical instrument available to us and we are too few to sing without one.  However, Sally will continue to visit from time to time to cater for the spiritual needs of residents and staff.  We shall keep in touch and in different circumstances it might be possible to reinstate our visits at a later date.


Each Church continues to contribute £50 per year towards the funding of the Churches Together events.  The Chair, Howard Marsh, from St Winfrid’s was again re-elected, with Susan Barnes from Trinity as Secretary and Christine Farleigh from St Winfrid’s as Treasurer.

The Annual Meeting and Joint Service for Prayer for Christian Unity were held in Trinity Church in January 2017, after a shared tea.  Each Church has an opportunity to update the   meeting on events and challenges.  The following events took place:  The Women’s World Day of Prayer was hosted by St Theresa’s Church in March.  A Good Friday Walk of Witness from Testwood Baptist Church to Totton was held as in previous years.  Bible Society Easter books and hot cross buns were given out at the service in Totton precinct. A dramatic presentation, taken from a book ‘The Nail’ by the Bishop of Chelmsford, Rt Revd Steve Cottrell, replaced the Passiontide readings again, which worked very well.  A ‘Sonrise’ Service was held as usual at on Easter Sunday on the field at Netley Marsh, this year at 5.30am (!) with bacon butties afterwards.   A Pentecost Service was held at St Theresa’s, and an Advent Service at St Matthew’s Netley Marsh.  Many took part in the Fun Day in June, with the Totton Team manning the Messy Church tent, although more helpers from the Churches are needed to help.  This event attracts some 6000 people and is a great outreach opportunity to the local area.  The Churches Tent at the New Forest Show in July was again a success, several members of St Anne’s congregation ran children’s activities and face painting, as in previous years.  The Open Air Carol Service with the Salvation Army Band was a great success, with a drama of the first Christmas being presented.  The Outreach in the Precinct with Messy Church activities, present wrapping and handing out ‘Jesus’s birthday cake’ went well, as in past years.  The ‘Open the Book’ Teams, offering dramatic presentations of the Bible Stories, one team at Abbotswood, Lydlynch, Hazel Wood and Foxhills Junior School, and another at Bartley, Netley Marsh and Copythorne Church of England Schools and have included people from many of the ‘Churches Together’ Churches.

A diary of activities at each of the Churches in Churches Together in Totton and the Forest Edge will continue to be displayed at the back of St Anne’s, which is updated monthly, so that we can share in one another’s events.


The ‘Network Church’ model has been created as part of the Team’s Mission Action Plan, whereby opportunities to connect with people in the wider community, within and outside of the four Churches in the Team, have been taken forward under the headings:  Friendship (walking, team socials, wine-tasting or 5-a-side football), Food for the spirit (ie prayer and spirituality – Soul space, Quiet Days and a Christian Mindfulness), Celebration (Messy Church, Toddler Praise, Baptisms, Weddings), Wisdom (bereavement support, marriage prep, strengthening couple relationships), Reconciliation (Peace and Justice issues – Middle East Matters, Rwanda Links, Basics Bank, local charities) and Learning – (Home Groups, Teaching).  The new Team website has progressed and each church is linked to it, with the idea that details of all events/initiatives fitting into the TMAP will be easily accessible to the wider community.  The Rwanda Link with St Anne’s comes under the Reconciliation initiative, our Quiet Spaces comes under Spirituality, the Wednesday coffee and Out to Lunch Club as well as Bridge Club, French and Spanish group fit in to the Friendship network.  Alpha and Pilgrim groups are in the Learning branch.  The Team Socials meeting at a coffee shop or restaurant once a month allows friendships to grow.  Again the Parish Share Review/Common Mission Fund was calculated and as in previous years, the Totton Team challenged the Diocese regarding the amounts we were being asked to contribute. There is a hope that we will be ‘on a flight path’ to achieving the full Parish Share as a Team by 2020.  There was much discussion as to how the percentage of the Team amount was calculated among the Churches in the Team and it has been decided that, at present, the process should remain the same for 2018, as for previous years, based on ‘worshipping community’ - to be reviewed during 2018. St Anne’s Church were able to meet the amount of allocated again in 2017 after much prayer!  The Team levy for 2017 was £85,000 to rise to £90,000 in 2018, St Anne’s Church proportion of Parish Share for 2017 was £18,302 and will rise to £19,000 for 2018.  In June, Revd Graeme Dixon was Ordained Deacon and became our Team Curate under the line-management of Revd Chris Steed (Team Rector).  However, to gain a breadth of experience, he is shadowing Revd John Reeve and myself and on the rota for preaching and leading across the Team as well as initiating new projects within the Team including Café Church.  When Graeme is Ordained Priest on 30 June 2018, he will be permitted to celebrate Holy Communion.  Antony Sturmey (Licensed Lay Minister) has made a huge contribution by leading and preaching across the Team Churches again this year, however, the pressure is still on the three Priests to lead Eucharistic services.  Revd Chris Steed is covering St Mary’s Eling in addition to St Winfrid’s.

Ongoing discussions were brought to the Team Council regarding the potential redevelopment of St Winfrid’s Church (Arches@StWins).  Plans for addressing social isolation in Totton, continuing to develop a multi-generational project and Music School are in hand.  ‘Ickle Village’, a pre-school resource for children with speech difficulties, is proving a great success and bringing in vital income.  Heritage Lottery Funding has been obtained to make the building water-tight and deal with roof repairs and insulation.  The building remains cold and the electrics are in need of renovating.  St Matthew’s Church continues to raise money towards a new floor and are working on obtaining grants and fundraising for this considerable project.  Their building is cold and damp as the floor is sinking. The Schools work flourishes.  John Reeve and I have continued on the Board of Governors of the Oaks Federation of Infants Schools (Copythorne, Netley Marsh and Lyndhurst) and Graeme Dixon begun his term in September as Governor at Bartley Junior School (the Church of England Schools in our Team and Cluster).  Antony Sturmey is Governor at Abbotswood Junior School.  The Open the Book initiative (dramatized Bible stories) is ably led by Antony Sturmey and operates in 7 schools (one team at Abbotswood, Lydlynch and Hazel Wood; one at Bartley, Copythorne and Netley Marsh; and a team at Foxhills Junior School, during Colbury Church’s inter-regnum).  St Anne’s have strong links with Calmore Infants School and Totton College, St Winfrid’s are developing links with Testwood School and St Mary’s with Eling School.  There are a number who help with reading and go into the Schools on a regular basis. Thanks go to Bill, Ann and Jane Senneck for representing St Anne’s on the Team Council.


Garry Coy stood down as the Deanery Synod Rep after many years.  A vote of thanks was recorded at DCC for his work and commitment to the Deanery Synod, on behalf of St Anne’s.  I took over the role but, due to changes in work commitments, was only able to attend one of the three meetings.  Items discussed were Parish Share provision, Rwanda Mission Team, Church Tent at New Forest Show and the Waterside Churches Together Winter Night Shelter and Safe Families.  The Arch-Deanery Mission Action Plan (aMAP) was launched.  The Parish Mission Action Plan (pMAP) has been launched already so the pMAP should be in line with the aMAP.  It was reported that the position of Deanery Secretary and Finance Chair are both vacant. A presentation was given on using the Pilgrim Course and the Alpha Course.  It was decided that the Deanery Lent Project for 2018 would be to support a Children’s Department in a hospital in Rwanda.  The Night Shelter would accommodate up to six guests, offering an evening meal, overnight shelter and breakfast.  This will be done in different Church locations along the Waterside between 1 Dec 2017 and 28 Feb and supported by 80 volunteers. It was due to open just prior to Christmas but the local Council found homes for those it was intended for, so it has not yet been used.  The Lyndhurst Deanery now has a Facebook page.

FINANCE Sarah Read

The unrestricted accounts show a deficit of £1,677. On the income side all unrestricted sources of income show a decrease over the previous year. The total income for the past three years has been as follows: (2015) £34,551, (2016) £33,825, (2017) £30,764. It is a source of concern that as our Parish Share grows each year so our Planned Giving and Gift Aid donations decrease. 

Year             Planned Giving            Parish Share   

2014                     £16,745                       £16,195

2015                     £18,300                       £16,200

2016                     £18,941                       £16,200

2017                    £18,629                         £18,302

2018 estimate    £18,183       actual       £19,000

This makes income raised from other sources all the more important. The absolutely magnificent efforts of all those involved in fund raising during the year has enabled the church  to keep its requirement to draw on savings to finance maintenance and general running expenses to a minimum.

St Anne’s has three types of funds:

  • Unrestricted general fund at Lloyds Bank, Totton. The DCC can use this money for any appropriate purpose.
  • Restricted (a fabric fund) with the Central Board of Finance of the Church of England which was set up with a legacy from the Will of Mrs Clara Vale and which can be used for the upkeep of the church building and fabric.
  • Designated funds within the Lloyds Savings account have been designated for specific purposes but could, with the DCC agreement, be used for another appropriate purpose. The money in this fund has been designated to maintenance, scaffolding, organ, memorial fund, Joshua community, musical use and Rwanda.

The Independent Examiner is Mrs P A Hibbert who has indicated her willingness to continue in that role for the next year.


I would like to thank Garry for the tremendous work and commitment in organising our fundraising over many years.  We held a Fundraising meeting in January to plan events for the year.  We have tried to ensure that no one person is overburdened with work.  To this end, most of our events have been small but, nevertheless, very successful.  I would like to thank Ken and Barbara and their team for their wonderful Dancethon, enjoyed by all and which raised a tremendous £635.90.  A big thank you to Val, Godfrey and all others who volunteered and supported the events. 


Candles                            5.24

Bulbs                              12.22

Torches                        131.01

Pens                                34.60

Pancakes                      234.10

Dancethon                    635.90

Coffee Mornings        1160.54

Lanterns                          18.00

Sundry sale items          46.05

Books                              66.74

Accordion concerts     468.53

Ploughmans                 100.00

Beetle Drives                263.34

Smarties                       460.60

Fetes                           1065.87

Total                          4702.74


Details of the various donations made in 2017 are mentioned elsewhere in this report


During 2017, Saint Anne’s supporters have continued to be significant contributors by donated food and money to the Totton Basics Bank based at Testwood Baptist Church. The food donated goes towards making up food parcels for families and individuals who have found themselves in financially difficult times. This need has increased by 21% over the last year and shows no sign of getting any less. The reasons for this can be from continued benefits cuts, loss of job, family crisis, homelessness and many other events. People are referred to the Bank by agencies which support those in need. The food parcels contain a few main meals, basic food supplies and a few treats. This help is short term, intended to help alleviate the immediate need in a crisis. The continued nationwide government austerity programme hits some people very hard and they may find themselves returning for further support.  As a church we have regularly donated goods and respond positively at times like Easter, Harvest Festival and Christmas. This year we have regularly made financial donations to the Bank which have been used to purchase food which are in short supply from the tin and packet donations. Our thanks to Val Roach and her supporters for the additional funds donated from special events.  On behalf of the Basics Bank and their clients, I thank all those who have donated food and helped with the sorting and transportation of the donations.


The ladies, from church and several who can no longer come, have continued to knit blankets, and jackets etc. this year.  At present , though, we are awaiting news that we can start again, as for several months there was a storage problem at the Unit.

RWANDA LINK Sally Marchant

Lyndhurst deanery has been supporting Christian-led initiatives in Rwanda for many years and our Lent Lunches contributed towards projects there again this year.  Proceeds were used for the Theological College in Kigali which was in a desperate state of repair and towards the training of Clergy.  As a result of Sally and Stewart’s visit in 2016, links have begun with the town of Kibuye, by Lake Kivu in south west Rwanda, and the surrounding church plants to 13 villages in the region, under the care of Archdeacon Justin Zigiranyirazo.  St Winfrid’s congregation support the main town and St Anne’s are now contributing towards the outlying villages, particularly focussing on the purchase of land in order to produce crops, build Churches and begin micro businesses with goats.  The consolidation of this link was when we were privileged to have a visit from Bishop Augustin Ahimana, Bishop of Kivu Diocese, to St Anne’s and St Winfrid’s in September.  He spoke during our 9.30am service as well as at St Winfrid’s and a Team tea held at St Winfrid’s in the afternoon.  The Clergy team hosted the Bishop and were able to grasp at first hand the needs of the Diocese.  A group has been formed from St Winfrid’s, St Anne’s and St Mary’s to enhance our links.  We were able to send a total of £1,000 shortly after Bishop Augustin’s visit and we are grateful to God that members of the St Anne’s congregation have been so generous in their giving towards this new link.  We will continue to have a Rwanda focus Sunday each year.


During the year the flower arrangers have been as busy and pleasing as ever.  The congregation appreciates the styles each week and visitors have expressed admiration on several occasions. Following last year’s plea for more willing hands Sarah Read joined us.  However sad to say our longtime friends Viv Titheridge and Iris Hill are retiring and we give them many thanks for all their years of arranging.  So if anyone would like to join us, perhaps to link with an arranger who would appreciate help, we would be delighted, as the rota is already stretched. The rota works on the basis of 2 consecutive weeks in each half year.  The church bears all the costs.  I would like to add our thanks to Godfrey who helps us in so many ways.


Our happy band of cleaners has remained the same this year but unfortunately we have lost three of our members. A big thank you goes to Pauline, Bill and John who have been cleaning the church for many years but due to other circumstances are not able to continue. Also a big thank you once again to Pat, Godfrey, Doris, Polly, Ros, Ann and Chris. St Anne’s is very lucky to have a team of willing people to keep the church looking so clean but would welcome any new members to join their team. If anybody feels they could spare an hour or so once every 6 weeks and would like to join us I would be very pleased to hear from you.



We are delighted to report that there are now over a dozen names on our player list who regularly meet on Thursdays for start of play at 10.30am to 12.30pm.  We welcome all who enjoy Bridge and those interested in learning to play it.  Our church functions are always displayed to all players from the other churches or none to encourage interest in all our church activities.  The consistency with which our group members come to share the pleasure of playing is very encouraging, some coming from some distance.  We look forward to new friends wishing to join us in 2018.

FRENCH GROUP Vanessa Pearce

Our group continues to thrive with an average of about 10 people attending each Monday morning.  We have about half an hour chatting , in French of course, in small groups and then join together to read the magazine ”Rendezvous-vous”. With its articles on a wide variety of topics from current affairs in France to history, the Arts, places of interest and exercises and jokes the magazine generally has something for everyone. New members with an interest in France and its language are always welcome to pop in on a Monday morning and find out more about the group.


The Spanish group has been flourishing for many years. Eight to ten members attend on average, on a weekly basis. Holiday times, Easter and Christmas numbers may drop to five or six as people go on holiday, sometimes to Spain.   We study the four language skills - listening, speaking, and reading and writing. Reading and writing are done at home for homework¡¡. We follow a text book and listen to language lesson programmes on the internet, for example News in Slow Spanish. The group shows great enthusiasm. May it continue.


The Church has much appreciated the generosity of all those who contribute in many material ways, including their time and talents.


Communion Assistants

Pam Hall, Lynda Irons, Pat James, Stewart Marchant, Kay Moran, Ken O’Prey, Bill Rogers and Jane Senneck


Margaret & Vic Dittrich, Janet & Ian Gregory, Pat James, Graham and Margaret Rood and Richard Wilson-Smith.

Photocopying   St Anne’s benefits from the Team’s provision of 2 efficient photocopying machines. The work of Mrs Judith Stone who carried out all the regular copying of weekly notices and other publications is gratefully acknowledged. We also thank Mr David Hill for his additional help.

Safeguarding Officer - Ian Gregory 

Disability Discrimination Act - The Church carried out a Disability Access Audit in 2002.  This is regularly reviewed and action is being taken as finance permits.

Health and Safety Risk assessments are the responsibility of the Churchwardens.

Fire Safety     The church is grateful to Bill Rogers who carries out the necessary checks

This report was produced on behalf of the DCC by Rosemary Hunter, assisted by Ann Quesnell.   Reports of the various activities and church groups have been contributed by those whose names are included with their reports

Correspondence Address: The Vicarage, Cook’s Lane, Calmore, SO40 2RU

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Approved by the DCC on 20th March 2018


Signed by The Revd. Sally Marchant