“Our purpose as the Church here in Calmore is to gather together to worship God and grow in the faith: and to witness to the love of God to all.”

Our Parish Aims

  1. To make worship and participation in the life of St. Anne’s open to all, regardless of disability, age, background or previous Church experience
  2. To study our faith and grow in prayer.
  3. To proclaim God’s love for everyone through our presence and actions
  4. To enthuse, support and encourage each other in this work
  5. To share in this work with Totton Team and Churches Together in Totton and the Forest Edge
  6. To bring together our personal and financial resources to enable these Aims to be put into practice.


St. Anne’s, together with St. Mary’s Eling, St. Matthew’s Netley Marsh and St. Winfrid’s Testwood form the team parish of Totton, with St. Mary’s Copythorne completing the cluster. The Totton Team Parish Council has delegated most of its powers to the individual Church Councils (DCC).  We are in the Lyndhurst Deanery, in the Diocese of Winchester, part of the world wide Anglican Communion.  Please note that as a member of the Totton Team Ministry, St. Anne’s is a charity exempted from registration with the Charity Commission.


Members of the DCC are either ex-officio or elected by the Annual District Church Meeting (ADCM), ratified by the Annual Team Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) in accordance with the Church Representation Rules.  During the year the following served as members of the DCC.

The Revd. Sally Marchant

Ian Gregory (Church Warden)

Ann Quesnell (Church Warden)

Until 2020 (Deanery Synod Representative)

Stewart Marchant

Until 2020 (Team Council Members)

Bill Rogers

Until 2019

Garry Coy

Liz Gilroy

Pauline Rogers

Until 2020

Geoff Aston

Heather Baker

Barry Read

Until 2021

Mairi Aston

Diana Foster

Michael Symons

Ex Officio

Sarah Read (Treasurer)


Pam Hall

Judith Stone (Secretary)

A resolution of the DCC passed by ADCM in 2000 states that Members of the DCC shall serve for a maximum of three years and then stand down for at least one year so that there will be a turnover of membership as ensuring continuity.


The only committee required by church law is the Standing Committee, the church officers and the Vicar, which has the power to transact the business of the DCC between its meetings, subject to any directions given by the Council.


83 parishioners were registered on the Electoral Roll.   Our regular Sunday Morning Service attendance averaged 3 children and 42 adults, of whom 99% took Communion.  These numbers increase at Festivals, Baptismal and other special Services.

Review of the Year


Our District Church Council (DCC) is responsible for St. Anne’s, and met 6 times in 2018 with an average attendance of 79%.  The agenda items included finance, building/maintenance, fundraising, choir and music, Services, safeguarding, Rwanda Link, Team Council and Churches Together.  Most of these are described elsewhere in this report.   The minutes of DCC meetings are displayed on a notice board in the Church.


2018 has been a full and productive year, with our services, fundraising and social events offering fresh hospitality to the many visitors and welcoming new people into our congregation. Our attendances continue at a constant level, although we have lost some regular members due to illness. We welcome up to 6 children each week, which is still very positive. Our dedicated team of Kidszone leaders and helpers enable us to retain our small number of families. We have had services led by Revd Chris Steed, our Team Rector, on a monthly basis, and the Team Curate, Revd Graeme Dixon, on occasions. Our Pilgrim Course (home group) has continued and has studied the Beatitudes and the Creeds this year; these evenings have proved to be a great time of fellowship and growth in faith, as we share a meal together and discover why we have certain traditions and liturgy in our worship. The Alpha Course was run as a Team initiative this year and attracted 12 regulars, run by Clergy and lay members of the congregations. ‘Quiet Spaces’, part of the Team’s Spirituality Network has been well-received, an opportunity to enjoy the silence and meditate on Scripture creativity. I am delighted that The Junior Choir Club, led by Sue Manning and Pat James, has continued to grow, especially with ‘home schooled’ children. They enjoy learning a variety of songs and took part in the Easter and Christmas Coffee Mornings as well as occasional services (they excelled at the Toilet Twinning weekend!) and the Crib Service. Noah again sang solos of the first verse of ‘Once in Royal’, as well as ‘Away in a Manger’ at the Carol Service. Youth Alpha is continuing, with three youngsters from across the Team, once a month at The Vicarage, for pizza and ice cream. We do also study the Bible in a creative and visual way. 22 children were welcomed into the family of the Church in baptism at our monthly Baptism Services, so have much contact with families in Totton. Regrettably, we had to close our Toddler Praise services, due to a change in working culture, as many mums return to work and are not available during the day. We had no Weddings, but we did have one Renewal of Marriage Vows and a Marriage Blessing. We had two funerals at St Anne’s this year. Our regular giving towards St Anne’s Church has fallen again to a near-critical level, having lost a number of givers who made up a large proportion of our income, and inevitably running costs have increased. Please consider reviewing your donations and joining the Parish Giving Scheme if you have not done so already. Without regular giving and gift aided donations, our efforts to continue to support the ministry at St Anne’s are severely restricted. The hire of our buildings and sterling efforts at fund-raising have saved the day and we continue to be able to pay the required Parish Share to the Diocese….just! Praise God! This summer we used a large proportion of our Restricted Funds (the Clara Vale Legacy) to enable the Church and Church Rooms to be decorated and we now need to top this account up, so that further necessary works can be undertaken. Remember: ‘God loves a cheerful giver’ 2 Cor 9:7! Our services have been enhanced by the new Lectern and Font (dedicated in memory of John Elcombe and Geoff Sealey), together with a new central cross and candles. At DCC, and in the Team Parish, we have been continuing with our Mission Action Plan, looking at the needs of our area and as part of an ongoing vision, developing ‘networks’ of people with similar interests across Totton and Calmore. Our St Anne’s facebook page continues to show the latest pictures and events taking place and our website is often the way enquirers get in touch with us. The Lyndhurst Deanery meetings have been most informative, with speakers encouraging us in our faith and actions. Our relationship with Calmore Infants School still flourishes, with the hosting of services at Church and taking part in assemblies. In September we were able to start Open the Book there, sharing dramatized Bible Stories with ‘audience participation’. They had been on the ‘waiting list’ for a couple of years and are delighted to have this provision. This is the eighth school in Totton to have regular Open the Book assemblies. Thank you to all who contribute their gifts in this way. A number of volunteers help with reading – do please consider using your time to connect with our local schools and organisations. The Chaplaincy at Totton College has developed somewhat with the opportunity for me to join class discussions and attend staff meetings. The girls’ uniformed organisations are closely linked to St Anne’s and we are encouraged to see them at our occasional family services. The villages outside Kibuye, Rwanda, have been formulating a plan of action and the Deanery Trip, including Stewart and myself, will shortly see how they are progressing with the money we raised towards the purchase of land, building of Churches and setting up micro-businesses. Do continue the support of these poor communities as they face many challenges. We were delighted to be able to twin our two toilets with toilets in Uganda, enabling communities to adopt a more healthy and hygienic lifestyle. Our fun-packed Toilet Twinning weekend, including the Toilet Twinning song by the Youth Choir was a great success, raising over £700 to the charity! Our support of the Basics Bank has been increased somewhat this year, particularly after a number of the congregation were able to see with their own eyes how the food donations are sorted and how our money is used; the demand for food banks is one of the sad demonstrations of society today. Grateful thanks to all who contribute in any way to St Anne’s, often the dedication is largely un-noticed. It is very much a communal responsibility to keep our building safe, clean and welcoming. Once again, may I stress our mission, as a part of the family of God, is to offer hospitality, to encourage and to be equipped to allow our actions to speak loudly of our faith in Christ. Everyone is precious in God’s sight, those we meet at Church but also those we come across in our day to day living. Remember, we are the ‘sweet aroma of Christ’ (2 Cor 2:15) in the world and we pray that our lives will reflect His ‘perfume’ and likeness to those around us. I am indebted again for the contribution and support given by the Wardens, Ann Quesnell and Ian Gregory, who are vital to the running of any Church – it would be impossible to keep St Anne’s open for worship if we do not have Church Wardens in place.


Our major project this year has been the interior redecoration of the Church, which was completed in the summer. Several small maintenance jobs still require completion, following advice and instruction in the Quinquennial Report from the Architect. These have been held over to next year due to our expenditure on the interior decoration.  We have also added a new Altar cross and candles, thanks to the generosity of members of the congregation. As with the Lectern and Font, these were designed and made by Ronald Emett to match the new furniture.  The gutters, hoppers and gullies have been cleared on a regular basis, thanks to Godfrey for undertaking this work, as well as cutting the grass. The Green Thumb treatment has been restarted on the grass so it should look more attractive this summer.  I would like to thank members of the congregation for their continued support to the Wardens and especially mention Godfrey for all this work behind the scenes. My thanks also to the Stewards - Barbara and Ken, Ian and Janet, Pat, Mairi and Geoff, Kay and David, Michael and Hazel and, of course, Sally, our Vicar. Special thanks to Ian, my fellow Warden, in his first year in Office and to all those who have volunteered and supported St Anne’s through the year.


Our pattern of Alternative Liturgy Services, and occasional Family Services, continues to bring variety to our 9.30am worship. The Harvest Services this year comprised of a Tuesday evening’s Family Service, whereas our 9.30am was more traditional. This meant that our connection with the children in the Uniformed Organisations was re-enforced by our families. The choir is integral in our worship as a Church and I am delighted that Sue Manning and Janet Amey have stepped up to the challenge of leading the choir for the last few months. Sue chooses the hymns, after consultation with myself, and the new hymn books have demonstrated that we can have old hymns and more contemporary songs in the same book, rather than the choir having heavy choral copies and the congregation only one book. The old hymn books have been sold in aid of St Anne’s.


Kidszone has soldiered on during what has been quite a difficult year for us.   Saying that, we thoroughly enjoy working with the children, although that in itself is a challenge when ages have ranged from toddlers to preteen.


Toddler Praise started again after Easter, with help from Graeme and Steph, but although it was appreciated by a number of families, the demand was not there, so it was decided to stop with our last session in August.


We have had a good year, leading the singing every Sunday.  In July we sadly lost Garry and Carolyn, who resigned from the Choir.  It was sad to see them leave but we are grateful for all their hard work for many years. This left the Choir without a tenor part, but Peter, who had recently joined us, offered to sing tenor, and is doing a brilliant job. Geoff Aston has also recently joined, so we now have four men! I think that this makes us the envy of most local choirs who struggle to find male voices.  We are very fortunate to have them, along with our good sopranos and altos.  Janet Amey very kindly agreed to run choir practices and the choir are all singing very well under her direction.   We are looking forward to leading the singing in the future and are busy planning Easter music.  We would be very pleased to welcome new members, so please speak to Janet or Sue if you are interested.


The Choir club has had a very successful year.  We now have eleven members and meet every Thursday at 6pm.  We have sung at Children’s Harvest, Thinking Day service, Pet service and Crib service. One of our members, Noah, sang the solo verses of “Once in Royal” and “Away in a Manger” at the Carol service this year.  We also sang at the Christmas coffee morning, singing carols and Christmas songs for all to join in with.  I think the most popular event was the Toilet Twinning coffee morning when the Choir dressed up in “suitable attire” and sang “The Toilet Twinning song”.  At Christmas, we went Carol singing around the new estate opposite the Church and delivered the Christmas service leaflets. Although we spend most of our evenings singing, we also have the occasional evening of handbell ringing and other musical games and quizzes. I would like to thank the parents for all their support throughout the year and a special thanks to Pat James who supports me every Thursday evening.  We look forward to more singing in the coming year.


We started the year with a talk about the refurbishment of Eling Tide Mill, which was followed by a very enjoyable visit there on a hot day in July. Other interesting talks have been from an ex-cabaret artiste, the leader of the New Year’s Day Parade in London, and a Commoner in the New Forest. We also met and got to know a bit more about Graeme Dixon, the ‘new’ Curate. A photo trip around the Hillier Gardens accompanied by some lovely music was given by John Coombes and was quite a highlight. We also had three social events. There was a social evening in June, Kurling in August which was great fun, and then there was the December party with musical entertainment provided by Bob and Barry, followed by a fish and chip supper. Thanks to Ken for chairing the meetings, Barbara for the prayers, Mairi, our Treasurer, and committee members Pat James, Polly Radford and Janet Amey. Please note that you don’t have to be a member to come. Everyone is welcome at any time, if there is something on the programme which interests them. (Programmes are available at the back of Church).


We meet up at 9.45 am, so drop in for coffee and a chat, in the Church Room.  This is an informal group, and is welcome to all.  During the year we have had two trips on the Alison MacGregor boat from Hythe, a minibus outing to Christchurch and Mudeford, and a coffee morning in Eve’s garden.  We finished the year with a Christmas Lunch at Woodlands House Hotel. The group managed to fill four shoe boxes in November, and have supported the Basic Bank charities, donating £71 this year.   Thank you to all ‘The Girls’ for all their support this year


We have continued to receive good support from contributors of items for the newsletter – with most items being submitted in good time before publication dates. The newsletter is being printed at The Vicarage rather than using the facilities at the Parish Office because it is often quite late on the eve of publication before the final draft is ready.  To simplify and speed-up the printing process the folded A3 format has been abandoned in favour of a stapled A4 format. Double-sided printing in the A3 format was wasting too much time, paper and ink due to misfeeds on the printer.  I must thank Mary Boak in particular for her contribution of fascinating leaders every alternate month.  I am currently printing and distributing 75 hard copies per month and issuing an email version to around 105 recipients. I have been unable to produce the newsletter during Sally’s Sabbatical – but gathered as much information as possible about events during March, April and May to include in the February edition.


Loretta Perfitt-Pearce helps me in the leadership of our monthly Youth Alpha. The three teenagers continue to enjoy eating together and being involved in creative Bible Study activities. We have looked at water, light and nature, amongst other subjects, and found out how these themes are used in the Bible and as we relate to Christian faith. Do pray for our youngsters, as they battle continually with peer-pressure at school or college.




The Churches Together held their Annual Meeting at Trinity Church in January 2018. A similar pattern, established over the years, was continued in the events held, the highlights were: the Good Friday procession, the Fun Day, Pentecost service, Advent service, Christmas Carols with the Salvation Army Band and the Open the Book ministry in our schools. I am carrying out a feasibility study, in conjunction with the Head of Calmore Infants’ School, to see whether the Church, together with our community, can offer school meals during the holidays once a week for the neediest in Totton. This was inspired by my visit to the Basics Bank and discussions with those on the ‘coal face’ of ministry amongst the disadvantaged. The Women’s World Day of Prayer is held each year in March, with representatives from each Church involved in the planning of the service. The New Forest Show Churches Tent was well-supported by Churches Together and Lyndhurst Deanery, with a record number of visitors and donations.


Most of our discussions have revolved around the St Winfrid’s project and their move to AFC Totton. The future of the Totton Team is now being discussed with the Deanery to pave the way forward, as St Winfrid’s is set to become a separate Parish in its own right. All the Churches in the Team have struggled to pay the Parish Share this year and the future raise of the percentage we all pay is subject for continued prayer. Messy Church is thriving, with additional witness in Totton precinct at Easter and Christmas. St Mary’s Eling now hold a ‘Tots Café’ on a Tuesday morning each week and have begun a ‘Lego Church’ once a month. Graeme’s work with families and Eling School has encouraged these ventures to engage with their local community. A contemporary style ‘Christian Music Gig’, aimed at teenagers and young adults, is in its infancy at AFC Totton. St Matthew’s, Netley Marsh, continue with their strong links with the Infants’ School.


There were 3 meetings during the year. Each meeting has opened with a speaker describing examples of mission in the Diocese. The Summer Synod heard from Rev Phil Dykes – Church Growth and Fresh Expressions Adviser. He talked about the Bishops Commission for Mission – training programmes to equip people to carry out God’s work in the community under the guidance of the PCC and the incumbent in each parish. Each BCM consists of 11 sessions where participants learn from passionate practitioners, from one another and through reflective practice.  Phil reported that the number of people taking part had increased in 2018.  The summer Synod was the last synod in Winchester diocese for Rev Neil Smart, who has headed up the Rwanda link for the Deanery for some time. Neil was leaving the diocese to take up his new appointment in Portsmouth Diocese.  The Autumn Synod was addressed by Dean Catherine Ogle – Dean of Winchester Cathedral. Dean Catherine talked about her background and her progression into ministry. She went on to talk about the huge building and renovation project that has re-vitalised the cathedral and emphasised how important it is that visitors have the opportunity to experience the living God which is so important in a changing and uncertain world.  The Autumn Deanery Synod was held at St. John’s Church in Hythe.  Synod was advised that there are vacancies for Diocesan Synod – only 3 of 5 clergy places and 1 of 6 lay places had been filled at that time. The Diocesan budget is set by Synod so it is important that the Deanery be represented at Diocesan level.  A deadline of October 2019 has been set for the submission of Mission Action Plans.

Deanery Mission Action Plan

The Rwanda Mission group now has interim joint chairpersons – Jonathon Elliot-Jones and Rev Sally Marchant.  There were two Deanery trips to Rwanda during the year – including one by a group of young people from Sway and Brockenhurst. The Deanery provided £1500 in sponsorship for that trip, during which the youth members helped with a building project and also worked in a school. The new Archbishop of Rwanda – Rev Laurent Mbanda – was installed in June.

Mission to Secondary Schools – responsibility for this has been added to the Sway post with a time allocation of 30%.

Alpha and Pilgrim, Bible courses and Confirmation Courses. Ruth Liley (Boldre) has offered to lead on Alpha and Pilgrim courses, with Simon Hones and Julie Martin joining the team. Information is being gathered on the number of courses being offered – the team is looking for enthusiastic trainers to prepare volunteers to run courses.

Social Transformation The summer Synod was advised that a Deanery Management Group would be set up under the leadership of the Waterside Churches Together Night Shelter – at the Autumn Synod we learnt about the new project to be run under this umbrella – the Homelessness Project – Waterside Churches Together charity has launched drop-in centres – to be called ‘The Crossing’ - for homeless people – offering support in such areas as finding accommodation. The charity hopes to be able to run drop-in centres in Hythe and in Milford.

Street Pastors – Cynthia Wilson (Brockenhurst) encouraged members to think about volunteering and praying for the Street Pastors. Churches were welcome to invite members of the team to speak their churches.

Parish subscriptions to Deanery – these are being set at 2% of Parish Share.

Committee Reports

Finance – in October 2018 no one had offered to serve on the committee. Volunteers would be welcome!

Rwanda Mission Team – Rev Sally Marchant had agreed to lead a visit to Rwanda in February 2018.

Church Tent – New Forest Show - Barry Kent reported another very successful mission and praised all the volunteers who had worked hard in the extreme heat! Donations from visitors raised £900 which was shared between Night Shelter, Lyndhurst Deanery MU and Oasis Christian Trust.


The unrestricted funds increased by £3,122 compared to a decrease in 2017 of £1,677. Over the past two years we have carried out the redecoration of the whole church. This has been financed by funds raised or donated together with a major withdrawal from the Clara Vale bequest.

During the year new hymn books were purchased at a net cost of £17.21.  The fund raising team continued their sterling work and raised £4,595 compared to £4,703 in 2017.  An increase in fees and general donations received helped offset the decrease in other income.

The main concern is, as last year, that the Parish share continues to increase whilst our yearly income from planned giving and collections decreases. The income from these sources this year was £21,234 compared to £22,369 in 2017. It is anticipated that our planned giving will be significantly lower in the current year. Our Parish share has increased for the current (2019) year to £21,485 from £19,251 (2018) and £18,302 (2017).

St Anne’s has three types of funds:

* Unrestricted general fund at Lloyds Bank, Totton. The DCC can use this money for any appropriate purpose.

* Restricted (a fabric fund) with the Central Board of Finance of the Church of England which was set up with a legacy from the Will of Mrs Clara Vale and which can be used for the upkeep of the church building and fabric. £10,800 was transferred this year. It is the intention of the DCC to transfer monies back into this fund as and when funds become available.

* Designated funds within the Lloyds Savings account have been designated for specific purposes but could, with the DCC agreement, be used for another appropriate purpose. The money in this fund has been designated in the past to maintenance, scaffolding, organ, memorial fund, Joshua community, musical use and Rwanda. During the year these designated funds have been reduced in number, or withdrawn, as shown on the Assets note.

The Independent Examiner is Mrs P A Hibbert who has indicated her willingness to continue in that role for the next year.


It has been a very successful year, thanks to a group of dedicated and resourceful helpers. We have had a full programme of events including three coffee mornings – Pancakes, Plants, and Easter – which brought in almost £1000. The Summer fete (which competed with the Football World Cup), Autumn Bazaar and a very busy Christmas Coffee morning raised a further £2000. Other events during the year were the Accordion and Saxophone concerts, Flower Workshops and the Beetle Drives, the latter being very popular and completely organised by Sharon and Mary. My thanks go to a lot of people who have supported me this year and to Godfrey for his assistance in organising tables and clearing up.  Please note that the support of everyone is needed if we are to maintain this commitment in 2019.


Youth and Families Matter ( YFM ) thank you so much for all the generous donations of food and money to the Basics Bank project, which they administer from Testwood Baptist Church.  The Basics Bank project is one of the main charities which St. Anne’s Church support and St. Anne’s Church is one of the most prolific supporters of this project.  Visits were made to Testwood Baptist Church by groups of interested persons in June and September 2018 to hear a presentation and see firsthand how donations of food and money are distributed. One of the YFM team also came and addressed the Sunday congregation in the Autumn of 2018.  The demands on the resources of the Basic Bank project are ever increasing. There was a 69% rise in requests for help from January 2018 to June 2018 compared with the same period in 2017. The most acceptable gifts of food are tinned soups, fruit, meat and vegetables and packets of rice, cereals, tea bags and pasta. Everyday toiletries such as soaps, toothpaste and cleansing products are also welcomed.  Thank you in anticipation of your continued support.


We have been knitting for the Neonatal Baby Unit for several years now, it is something that gives our Knitters quiet pleasure, and ladies who can no longer get out and about, enjoy making the small blankets and tiny jackets and hats, and the connection with St. Anne’s.  Last year there was a lull in the acceptance of items by the Unit, but I understand that the problem has been resolved.  I do have a small pile mounting up for late Spring, so will gladly accept more when the needles get busy again. Many thanks.


Generous contributions continue weekly in our Rwanda collecting box, as we support our link Parishes in the villages in Kibuye, Kivu Diocese. Stewart and I are looking forward to seeing the progress of the communities as a result of the £1,000 we raised previously, when we travel out to Rwanda shortly. As we continue to review our Mission Action Plan over the next year, one of our foci is to support those less fortunate than ourselves, both at home and abroad. The Deanery Lent Appeal raised funds for the refurbishment of Gahini Hospital, photos of the improvements are at the back of Church.


The flowers in Church have been as lovely as ever this past year, giving pleasure to the congregation and visitors alike.  We have coped with the rota, but only just, owing to illness amongst us.  Anni Churton has returned which eased the situation, but more willing hands would be a great help.  Several of our arrangers are members of local flower clubs, who also are members of the Wednesday morning Group and the Fellowship.   The rota works on the basis of two consecutive weeks in each half year.  The church bears the cost.  Our thanks to Godfrey who helps in many ways.


This year we have lost another of our members. A big thank you goes to Doris who has been cleaning the church for many years but have been fortunate to welcome three new members to our happy team of cleaners Jane, Liz and Ian. Also a big thank you once again to Pat, Godfrey, Polly, Ros, Ann and Chris. St Anne’s is very lucky to have a team of willing people to keep the church looking so clean but would always welcome any new members to join them. If anybody feels they could spare an hour or so once every 6 weeks and would like to join us I would be very pleased to hear from you.



Our weekly meeting have been uninterrupted by coughs, colds and the weather; there have been enough players attended each week to keep going every week, enjoying the skills of this mind challenging game, but easily learned.  We could enjoy the company of two or three new members.  Our members are from various churches partly, but others like to enjoy just the activities of the week, we hope they will find other interests here to join our fellowship.  Bridge is really a slightly different game, it is like whist, a little more challenging but good fun, and nibbles with tea and coffee.  Play starts about 10.00 am until 12.30 pm on Thursdays. Present membership 13 players. 


I am pleased to be able to say that our French group is going well and we have recently welcomed several new members.  As we don’t yet seem to have frightened them off, our numbers at the last meeting rose to a healthy 16.  Over the last year I think that it is fair to say that everyone has gained confidence in speaking French and from our magazine we continue to learn more about life in France today.  It is always a surprise to find that we aren’t the only country with problems, but happily, Monday mornings, so far, seem to be a welcome Brexit-free zone.  Through the magazine, we are also introduced to a wide range of places of interest, historical events and characters and the Arts in France, past and present.  Hopefully this coming year will see the group continue to thrive.


 We meet once a week on Tuesday afternoons. The group has been meeting for many years, at least 10?? The standard of the students covers a wide range so the more able help others. We are all improving. We enjoy our meetings very much and we are all very grateful to St Anne’s for the use of the church room. 


The Church has much appreciated the generosity of all those who contribute in many material ways, including their time and talents.



Pam Hall, Pat James, Stewart Marchant, Kay Moran, Ken O’Prey, Bill Rogers and Jane Senneck.


Janet & Ian Gregory, Pat James, Graham & Margaret Rood, Michael Symons and Stella Thomas.


St. Anne’s benefits from the Team’s provision of an efficient photocopying machine.  The work of Sarah Read who carried out all the regular copying of the weekly notices and other publications is gratefully acknowledged. 



 The Church carried out a Disability Access Audit in 2002.  This is regularly reviewed and action is being taken as finance permits.


Risk assessments are the responsibility of the Church Wardens


The Church is grateful to Bill Rogers who carries out the necessary checks.

This report was produced on behalf of the DCC by Judith Stone, assisted by Ann Quesnell. Reports of the various activities and Church Groups have been contributed by those whose names are included with their reports