Our Purpose as the Church here in Calmore is to gather together to worship God and grow in faith and to witness to the love of God.  

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We pray that you are all okay and continuing to follow the guidelines of safe distancing and washing hands regularly to help with staying as safe as you can.

As of the Church Of England guidelines, because of the Corona virus, all services continue to be suspended for the foreseeable future. In conjunction with St Mary's and Chris Steed we have been producing service sheets and sermons for our members of St Anne's and St Mary's. I hope you find them helpful in bringing the church into our own homes. Yes we did have some teething problems to start with but hopefully they are being ironed out.

Our Facebook Group set up for St Anne's called "Calmore Connects, the St Anne's Facebook page and our Web page have been growing. It is really helping us connect with our congregation and the community. Geoff Aston has kindly set up a "Zoom" facility for people to see and talk to each other. Geoff said he is happy to talk anyone through in setting up this new "Zoom" facility. If you wish to join us, or view or contribute, then please do so and pass on the information to as many people we can reach.

Keeping us together, as friends and spiritually, is not easy as you can appreciate during this time of crisis. We have shown our strengths and resolve at St Anne's to overcome challenges thrown at us over many years. It is warming to hear how we are all communicating with each other, and even branching out with new technology, to include others who we may have not spoken to for a while. Let us keep this Christian spirit of positivity and love for each other alive, not just now but even when this crisis has passed.

The Clergy and Wardens have received an email from the Diocese concerning the severe financial state that the Mother Church and Parish Churches finds itself in. Obviously income has dried up with lack of service contributions, weddings, funerals and fundraising events. We still have donations via Direct Debit from the Parish giving scheme and we give thanks for those who contribute.

There is a lot happening already with the churches in Totton and Calmore even before this corona virus hit us. I hope you can appreciate how stressful this is for the DCC and those who are trying to keep us together, as well as trying to plan for the continuing mission of St Anne's in Calmore and the Totton team churches. We do not have any more information as to the vacancy of a Vicar for us and St Mary's, but communication, process and dialog with the Diocese is continuing. Personally I am finding it incredibly stressful especially mentally. I assure you I am trying my best for St Anne's and our church family on top of my own personal and family challenges. Please may I ask for your patience, tolerance and prayers, for Gods guidance in my role as St Anne's Warden and the DCC.

Totton Baptist Church are still collecting for the basics bank. There is usually someone there from 10am to 2pm. Items can be left outside but its suggested after 12 as its in the shade at the front then. They are short of tinned meat, Men's toiletries (razors), shower gel and deodorant but please no potatoes or perishable items.

This is a time where we must think about how we can move forward to make St Anne's and its congregation stronger spiritually and as a hub for the Calmore community. I ask for you to have open minds on how we at St Anne's can do this together.                                                                                                                                                                                            Heavenly Father grant to our friends, neighbours, church family and those who care for us, strength in need, tolerance of understanding, comfort in sorrow and joy in companionship, that we all may serve Christ in one another, and love and care as he loves us.


Dear Friends,

  Planning for easing of restrictions

The House of Bishops COV19-Recovery Group is continuing to publish advice and guidance to help plan for the easing of Government restrictions relating to the pandemic. As part of the phased approach to the return to church buildings, the Recovery Group has issued advice to help ensure that buildings are in appropriate condition to be used for such purposes as are allowed. This includes updated advice for incumbents on Access to church buildings during lockdown, as well as general advice for incumbents, churchwardens and PCC members on Access to church buildings during lockdown. Advice on Keeping church buildings clean during coronavirus has also been issued, based on Government guidance and guidance issued by Historic England. To help plan for limited access to church buildings for specific purposes such as livestreaming or building maintenance, the Recovery Group has issued a Risk Assessment Checklist for Parish Churches .

  As we plan for the easing of Government restrictions, as well as a phased return to church buildings, a greater range of contact for pastoral support may also become possible. The Recovery Group has therefore issued Advice on pastoral support in the community, including care homes , to help enable pastoral support and visiting while minimising risk as far as possible.

The Government is expected to produce further guidance on the easing of restrictions in due course and, as they do, the Recovery Group will continue to work on the planning process. It is providing Dioceses with further advice papers, and these will be published on the Church of England website. If you have queries in the meantime, please contact your Archdeacon.

With our prayers for you all,     Bishop Tim, Bishop David and Bishop Debbie 

And the Bishop’s Staff Team:   

Andrew Robinson, Diocesan Chief Executive    

Catherine Ogle, Dean of Winchester   

PeterRouch, Archdeacon of Bournemouth   

Richard Brand, Archdeacon of Winchester   

Mat Phipps, Bishop’s Chaplain   


           THE TOTTON TEAM MINISTRY       

Revd Chris Steed - Team Rector                          Revd. John Reeve – Team Vicar

The Rectory, 92 Salisbury Road, SO40 3JA         The Vicarage, Ringwood Road, Woodlands, SO40 7GX

023 81843308 chrissteed@uwclub.net                  023 80663267          johnreeve6@aol.com

We are not disappearing....! – 11th Epistle in strange times

Dear Friends,                                                                                                                                              31st May 2020

Fireworks for Pentecost!

And save some for when we can meet again as we will (to invoke good old Dame Vera yet again!).

We await news on when that can start to happen in a phased and safe way. The Government has lumped churches with pubs, cinemas, and hairdressers as premises that must stay closed at least until 4 July. Churches are part of “Step Three” in the journey back to normal life while the coronavirus remains a threat. Face covering, restrictions on singing, communion, weddings & funerals will be part of the scene for a while sadly. It goes against all our Christian instincts to keep apart as we are people who respond to the bonds of fellowship. But though in our DNA, we must.

Above is some guidance from the Diocese and national church about risk assessments and cleaning of buildings we hold sacred. Apart from that, it is a question of ‘watch and pray.’ Wait for the Lord (and some more guidance!)

That doesn’t stop us letting off the equivalent of a few fireworks now (or cracking open the Prosecco or whatever is your favourite metaphor!). Pentecost is nothing less than when the church was born. It is our official birthday and it happened through fire and the fresh wind of God’s Spirit. The sermon attached draws attention to mistakes we can make with Pentecost through relegating it in our minds to an event 2000 years ago. We only give two cheers for Pentecost if we fail to realise that we can experience its potential and power TODAY. Have you been filled? What happened was a live event. It should not be akin to watching Netflix on TV but going to a concert, gig or theatre.

Think of it dear friends if we emerge as a rejuvenated church having allowed the Spirit of God to invade our hearts!

The financial situation is increasingly serious and neither Diocese nor ourselves are exempt from the contraction. Please do all you can to continue with Parish Giving or the Envelope scheme. Your church needs you!                      

You will know of various formats by which spiritual help is on offer:

You Tube videos and helpful material at Netley Marsh and Copythorne

A written service at home for St Mary’s and St Anne’s plus anyone else who requests by email

An on-line Bible study mid-week

However, we are slightly changing our St Win's service to be a live zoom service accessible from phoning in (including landlines), smartphones and computers. Please see the next page for details.

With very warm wishes,                                                                                                                             Rev Chris


Live Zoom Church

As it is Pentecost Sunday we are going to step out in faith and try something a little different to how we have been doing church so far. We are going to do a Live Zoom Service. As our 10th Sunday Service in Lockdown we think this will be a wonderful opportunity to allow God to work within us and each of our respective homes. 

Doing this Live will allow us to meet as a Totton Team Congregation and hopefully allow us to feed off of one another's joy and passion, not to mention our expectations of God's Holy Spirit to join us and do something wonderful. Doing it on Zoom also allows people to listen to and participate in the service without internet or computer by using their phone.

After the service there will be a chance to chat. This will be done by splitting the congregation off into randomly assigned "rooms" with around 5 people in each "room", enabling a better flow of conversation than one person talking and 25 people listening.


"Doors" open at 10.45                               Service begins at 11.00               After church chat at ~11.40


Meeting ID: 889 9962 5269                      Password: 3M2BZD

During our Sunday Service there will be some interactive elements. Should you wish to join in you will need:

- A candle (preferably lit if safe)               - A Bible                                         - A glass of tap water

- A cross or a picture of a cross                 - A family photograph or similar 

Practice Zoom Saturday 10am

As this is new we are going to be running a practice session so that Sunday can go as smoothly as possible. 

On Saturday between 10 and 11am we will have a chance for everyone to try using zoom to see how it works. At this time you can also email Andrew.L.Wickens@gmail.com if you need some help or call Lynn Black on 07770685256 or 023 8049 3215.

Saturday Practice Zoom - 10-11am


Meeting ID: 889 9962 5269                      Password: 3M2BZD

How to use Zoom

If you ask around, people will tell you that Zoom was easier to use than they thought.

Click on the link above and follow the instructions on screen. If it asks you to download Zoom click download and allow the install (you may need to click on the link again once you have done this). When you sign in, say yes to using computer audio and video. You can use your smartphone, tablet/iPad or laptop/computer. Settings such as turning on/off camera and microphone can be found at the bottom of the screen after moving your mouse or touching the screen. 

Using your landline or mobile to ring into the service

You can also call into the service and listen even if you do not have a computer or internet. Please pass on the following details to those that do not have internet or computer access and would enjoy joining us on Sunday (and the practice on Saturday if needs be). 


  • Call either 044 203 481 5240 or 0131 460 1196
  • When prompted for the meeting ID enter 889 9962 5269 #
  • If asked for participant ID, there isn’t one - just enter #
  • When prompted for the password enter 886262 # 

Zoom Etiquette 

There is some Zoom etiquette to follow that some may be unaware of, here are a few pointers.

- Please stay muted during the whole service, there can sometimes be a delay in speaking and your voice being sent into zoom which means that even during responses and singing your mic should be muted.  

- If you are using your camera please think about what is behind you, including if you are sat near a walkway, others may not wish to be on camera.

- So that we can reach out to those who have been joining us on Facebook we will be recording the speaker during the service. This means if you speak during the service you will be recorded and be posted on Facebook. To avoid this please keep your mic muted and if you are very concerned about this keep your camera off. There will be an easy to use option to turn off your camera in the bottom left of your Zoom screen. We will let you know when we start recording and allow you the chance to adjust your settings before this happens. A red recording button is clearly displayed when we are recording.


“Hope does not make us ashamed because the love of God has been poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit” – Romans 5v5

What happens when God’s Spirit invades the hearts of God’s people?

Have we ever experienced this? If not, we can and it comes the same way as the Holy Spirit came to the first followers of Jesus – as we are serious about prayer. We need a much bigger grasp of prayer beyond what someone does publicly on a Sunday morning when we think about the needs of the church and of the world. “I will be found by you” God said back in the Old Testament “when you seek for me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29v14).

There are several mistakes we can make as we think about Pentecost.

Firstly, we can fail to do justice to the inseparable link between the activity of the Spirit and Jesus – what he did and who he is. “He will glorify me, because he will take what is mine and declare it to you” (John 16v14). When we go down the road of associating the Holy Spirit with the spirit that is all around us in the bird singing as I write this or the fresh air we are now experiencing – we are missing out on the most important dimension. The ministry of the Spirit is qualitatively different because of that link. He is Jesus-centred; the HOLY Spirit!

Secondly, we can fail to distinguish between knowledge ABOUT and knowledge OF. This week Spain is opening its borders to tourists again (though why flock to the Costa Fortune when we can enjoy lovely sunshine here?!) The thing is I can know ABOUT Spain or anywhere else come to that. But that’s not the same as having been to Spain and experiencing it first-hand. As soon as we start saying ‘ah yes, Pentecost is when we celebrate the Holy Spirit coming to the church’, I worry. I worry because it is half correct. Of course we can now bank on the Holy Spirit and draw on His power and love. But this is for now. Please don’t just talk in terms of Pentecost as an event 2000 years ago. You can be filled with the Holy Spirit TODAY as you open yourself to Christ (Acts 2v38).

Thirdly, we can get confused about the signs that took place on the Day of Pentecost and fail to distinguish between those external acts of wind and fire and what was going on INSIDE as the Holy Spirit came to the 120 followers. When Peter stood and explained to the crowd what was going on, he quoted the prophecy of Joel (“I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh”- Acts 2v17) but he could hardly turn up and read from Paul’s letter to the Roman Christians. It had not yet been written! If he could, Chapter 5v 5 described what was going on perfectly. “The love of God has been poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit.” The important thing is not that you have experienced external manifestations of the Spirit coming to you (which is where many modern Christians have placed emphasis). Far and away the most vital dimension is not tingling up and down our spine or something but that we are flooded with love

I can only speak for myself when I say that this is what happened to me when I was baptised in the Holy Spirit more years ago than I can shake a stick at! It was a powerful moment as the Spirit flooded my heart with the love of God.

There are countless examples of this happening since Pentecost. Nothing is more fundamental to what the Spirit gives us than an awareness of the love of God in our very being. Love is the most prominent feature in any leader who claims to have been Spirit-touched and Spirit-filled. We must proclaim the love of God as a great certainty and as an overflowing of our own experience.

I was in Boston Massachusetts before lockdown and I saw the great Common. The great 18th century preacher George Whitfield spoke in the open air there in 1740. A minister who met him wrote these words. “He appears to me to be full of the love of God.” Speaking from a heart aglow with God’s love need not only be the experience of notable Christian leaders. This is for us – today!

So my prayer this Pentecost is that though we cannot gather in our buildings, we can open ourselves afresh to the love of God and the presence of Jesus.

God is with us – we know that and I hope you really do bank on it as a reality. But Jesus said we will not only know the Spirit with us but IN US.

So wherever you are right now, I want you to take a quiet moment, reach out to God and ask Him to fill you with the love of God and his living presence. Then, with hearts aglow, we can emerge from this lockdown as rejuvenated Christians, resolved to do life and do church very differently for God’s glory! May God bless you richly and please let me know what happened as a result.                                                                                                         Rev Chris

***************************************************************************************************                                                                                               Basics Bank

Totton Baptist Church are still collecting for the basics bank. There is usually someone there from 10am to 2pm.  items can be left outside but its suggested after 12 as its in the shade at the front then. They are short of tinned meat, Men's toiletries (razors), shower gel and deodorant but please no potatoes or perishable items.



Please use the area immediately outside St Anne’s opposite Farm Close entrance as a drop-off zone only.Please park sensitively (and legally!) and use the car park if possible.

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