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St Mary’s and St Anne’sNEWS10thJanuary 2021


The new national lockdown leaves us with the option of being open for communal worship and individual prayer. However, in view of the increased risk from the Covid 19 variant virus your expressed wishes and the advice from the Diocese, we have decided to close St Mary’s and St Anne’s for communal worship and individual prayer for January with immediate effect.

New Zoom Morning Praise Service for St Anne’s and St Mary’s
This Sunday 17th January at 9.45 a.m. Antony will lead us in a service of Morning Praise on Zoom.
 This is a new venture and we hope you will tune in and give it a go.

Zoom service this Sunday 

I hope you are keeping well and safe , there is a zoom link for this Sunday's 17th  on line service at 0945 , for St Anne's and St Mary's , this is our first zoom service for the two churches. My apologies if you have already received the invitation . To join the service please contact me.

Zoom after service coffee
After the Zoom service we have our Zoom virtual coffee social meeting starting at 1130.You needn't join with video if you don't want to , just put a paper clip over the camera lens or click video icon off , see you tomorrow . 

Very best wishes , Geoff Aston Point of contact St Anne's 

 ***************************************************************************************************St Mary’s and St Anne’s NEWS 17th January 2021
More News
Despite Lockdown 3 there is a lot of news this week about the new Parish of Calmore and Eling.
When we can’t do much in terms of communal worship and activity in our churches it is a good idea
to spend the time constructively planning for the future. What follows should keep you well
Pastoral scheme announcement
The draft pastoral scheme for the churches formerly in the Totton team has been published. St
Anne’s and St Mary’s will form a new parish of Calmore and Eling, as shown on the map, areas A
yellow and C green. Notices have been displayed on the church noticeboards and are also circulated
with this newsletter.
Any representations must be made by 22nd February. There is no date yet for the new parish coming
into being – it is likely to be early March.
There have been rumours that the present financial predicament in the Diocese caused by Covid may that we may not get a full time Vicar for the parish. The publication of this proposal would suggest otherwise and I would draw attention to the extract from the draft scheme document in the box below.
New benefice and parish of Calmore and Eling
It will be noted that the two distinct areas of the proposed new parish are not contiguous. This unusual move is based on the fact that their worshipping communities and buildings have been part of a single parish team ministry benefice
for a number of years and have particularly collaborated with each other within that Team. They have shared the ministry of a team vicar through two successive appointments despite the lack of a geographical connection - but this arrangement is what the congregations concerned and the deanery are requesting, and it enables grouping sufficient ministerial need between them to justify a stipendiary appointment.

Consultation on SANCTUARY CHURCH & VOLUNTEERS needed.
Last week’s news was of the setting up of the Transition Team to produce a Framework for the new
parish. This has been done and is now agree the setting up of the Transition Team to produce a Framework for the new parish. This has been done and is now agreed as a way forward by the DCCs of St Anne’s and St

A full SANCTUARY Mission Statement is now being prepared on the basis of the Framework and we will use it as a guide to what we do in the coming months and years.  We have decided to widen the Transition Team to take this forward. The team is very male at the moment and we need the balancing voices of women, who after all make up most of our church congregations. So, four volunteers please, two from each church. The role will require you to read
the draft Mission Statement, think about it, and then meet on Zoom to discuss and amend, and eventually endorse it. There is no work other than this involved as the writing and document production has been largely completed already. If you are interested in making a difference and helping to make the future of the new Parish a bright one, then this is for you.   Email me if you are interested or want to know more. greydogstar15@gmail.com

As services and meetings are going to be largely on Zoom in the next few months we are looking for
a Zoom Co-ordinator (good to put on your CV). It’s a simple job (apparently). You need to know
how Zoom works, of course, but more importantly be able to set up and co-ordinate meetings,
contact people so that they know when they are and, if possible help people new-to-zoom to gain
confidence in the system. It’s a short term job, say 2 months, because as people learn there will be
less to do because we will be able to do it for ourselves. And maybe Covid will end..

 ***************************************************************************************************SOME SAD NEWS

We heard the very sad news , via Kim Oliver, that Beatrice has died. We don't have many details but it was sudden and one of her sons discovered her collapsed at home. Beatrice was the point of contact for sending funds to Joshua in Uganda and some of us had got to know her well over the years. She was recently retired and a very positive person, always cheerful and very grateful for all the support St Anne's gave to Joshua which enabled him to have an education and for the funding which helped the hospital get started.  Kim asked that members of St Anne's could include her family, both here in the UK and in Uganda in their prayers. She will be much missed.

Thank you  Rob and Anni


Zoom Social 

To keep everybody connected , we have a Zoom social virtual coffee morning at 1030 on  Sundays when you can see and talk to your church friends . It's easy to use ,  please contact Geoff Aston for details.

Geoff Aston for St Anne’s glebe_cottage2@hotmail.com 

Postcode infection rates The Government link below gives the current infection rates by postcode 

Church of England Covid guidance Guidance for services 



There is good news this week for the new Parish of Calmore and Eling. The Diocese has confirmed
that the basic governance of the parish will be through a single PCC and two church wardens covering both churches. Having a DCC for each church will be our choice, only if we want it.
St Mary’s will be the Parish Church and main centre of worship. The status of St Anne’s as a centre ofworship is yet to be resolved but, as the Diocese are now aware of the issues we have with governance,
they have indicated a willingness to work towards an arrangement that will benefit and sustain both church communities. We can now be much more confident of a secure future.

If you have any queries or concerns in the coming weeks and need your church’s help or comfort,
please contact,

Geoff Aston for St Anne’s glebe_cottage2@hotmail.com 

Graham Norman for StMary’s and St Anne’s greydogstar15@gmail.com tel 07547174524.

John Reeve is at johnreeve6@aol.com



We would like to remind people who are clinically extremely vulnerable to COVID-19 to stay at home as much as possible and observe social distancing guidance, and we strongly discourage you from attending church in person during this time.  We will let you know  a time for you to attend for individual devotions when we are able to open the church again.



St Anne's still needs a warden (I'm afraid I can't fill the position , if you know of anybody who would like to fill this role, perhaps yourself , or you would like to discuss the duties , please contact John Reeve by his email. I think we need the nominations  by  the 7th December  Team Council meeting ,  Geoff Aston point of contact St Anne's 


Please go to the NEWSLETTER link above to see  the January Lockdown Newsletter for St Mary's and St Anne's

Please follow the link above to see the latest newsletter from Graham Norman at St Mary's, our sister church under the new arrangement, thank you Graham, much appreciated and thank you for your offer of help at St Anne's. Remember, anybody can contribute to the newsletter, we hope to do a piece on the history of St Anne's , if anybody still has the booklet that Penny Rose wrote some years' ago , please let me know or write a piece up yourself , thanks.  

If you have church friends who do not have access to a computer or smart phone to receive this letter please pass the information on , thank you. 

We are linked to St Mary's under the new plan and Graham Norman at St Mary's is producing a weekly newsletter to keep us connected , he is asking for contributions , please contact him direct if you would like to contribute .Thanks for doing this Graham and we look forward to the newsletter.


We have a small St Anne's Whatsapp group which you can join .

Currently , the church can be open for private prayer . Simon has agreed to open the church for Wednesday's private prayer from 10am to 11 am , thank you Simon. 



We need to keep St Anne's sustainable for its members, our community and our future, and with that the Parish Giving Scheme was set up to help the church manage regular donations. Donations can be made to the scheme by Direct Debit which will be passed back to St Anne's Church within ten day of the payment being made, the Gift Aid a few days later. This scheme has worked well for us over several years and has been a financial lifeline during this time of lockdown and church closure. Also you can donate on a regular basis via Standing Order. If you are interested in joining the scheme please ask Pam Hall (covering Treasurer) who can give you our bank details and will be pleased to help you.

***************************************************************************************************                                                                                              Basics Bank

Totton Baptist Church are still collecting for the basics bank. There is usually someone there from 10am to 2pm.  items can be left outside but its suggested after 12 as its in the shade at the front then. They are short of tinned meat, Men's toiletries (razors), shower gel and deodorant but please no potatoes or perishable items.



Please use the area immediately outside St Anne’s opposite Farm Close entrance as a drop-off zone only.Please park sensitively (and legally!) and use the car park if possible.

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